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Individuals can find themselves in financial peril for numerous reasons. Job loss, reduction in hours, divorce or a medical emergency can all lead to a devastating pileup of debt. As soon as you think bankruptcy might be an option, it is crucial to discuss your situation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.
Debt Relief
If you are considering bankruptcy, you are probably going through a difficult time. Divorce, health problems and job instability often lead to financial problems. I understand this, and I want to help. I will be by your side throughout the bankruptcy process, from start to finish. Yes, I am here to prepare your paperwork, but I'm also your advisor and friend who will answer your questions and guide you through every step. Contact me to arrange your free consultation today.
Asset Protection
California has comparatively generous asset protection exemptions, but it is important to follow the specific rules set forth in the Bankruptcy Code. I will help you ensure that your assets are protected to the fullest extent allowed by law. I will answer all of your questions regarding asset exemption and find the best solutions to your specific financial concerns.

Time for a
Fresh Start

With over three decades of legal experience, I have always believed that providing exceptional customer service should be my No. 1 priority. I understand that my clients are facing difficult, life-changing decisions. I am a dedicated professional who will work tirelessly to ensure that my clients understand the process and have all of their questions answered.

No matter how complex their bankruptcy, my clients understand me to be open, honest and accessible from start to finish. I will work hard to remove as much of the burden from your shoulders as possible so you can focus on what matters — the stability of your family. Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

Client Testimonials

A Great Attorney - by Armando

Stewart was one of the best attorneys I've ever used. He was on top of things left and right until everything was done. I recommend this attorney a hundred and fifty%. I know my sister will be using him soon. you will not be sorry, you'll be glad !!!!! :-)

Very Happy - by Dorothy

Mr. Steingraber has been awesome. He took time to talk to me before I filed. Making sure it was the right thing for me to do. He spoke many times with me on the phone before I retained his services discussing what the process of chapter 7 contained and who qualified.

Excellent Attorney - by Victor M

Mr Stuart is a very knowledgeable attorney, he helped me in a very complicated case and treated me like a family member. I strongly recommend Mr Stuart.

Best Attorney in SO. CAL. - by David

ATT. Steingraber, has represented members of our family both in business and personal matters for over 25 years. He is simply the best attorney I could recommend to anyone.

Handles Everything Completely! - by Laurence

Stuart handled everything, and made a tough situation so much easier. Kept us informed, told us all that needed to be done, to a T. No guesswork for us at all. Tied up all ends, nothing left undone. Anyone needing legal counsel would be very pleased with Stuart.

Most Helpful of all. - by Bob

Even though I did not hire him, Mr. Steingraber was ready to step in and help me with my needs. Fortunately I was able to resolve my problem and recovered my $ 35,000 without going to court.

An independent attorney who knows his stuff - by Wayne

I asked Stuart to help me with a matter relating to our home mortgage and his advice was spot on. He knows the inner workings of financial institutions having spent a number of years working in that business and was able to guide us through a messy negotiation with our lender. We appreciated his professionalism, his understanding of the law and his sense of humor as well. Thanks for being attentive to our needs.

Best decision ever hiring Stuart Gregory Steingraber - by Ray & Candace

One of the best decisions we ever made hiring Stuart Gregory Steingraber. Had MAJOR problems with Genesis Law? Group handling our case last year. Stuart Gregory Steingraber walked through the whole process with us and had a court date within a month. Stuart Gregory Steingraber handled our case with the highest priority. Working late nights and weekends to get us through this difficult time. Stuart Gregory Steingraber stood by us at court and made us feel at ease because we knew he had our backs. We can't thank Stuart Gregory Steingraber enough for his hard work and dedication to helping us get a new start.

Mr. Stuart Steingraber - by Ken

Mr. Stuart Steingraber is an outstanding attorney. He always listens with paitence and undestanding. After carefull consideration of a legal matter Stuart always responds to a question or a concern with compassion and the most highly expertise legal advise I have ever known. To say my wife and I both trust and believe in Mr. Steingraber is an understatement. I have and will always recommend Mr. Steingraber to any familiy and friends that have or might ever need expert legal advise. If we ever have any further need for expert legal advise Mr. Stuart Steingraber would be my first and only choice.

Trust / Medical bills - by Woody

Stuart was a great help for my wife to take care of medical bills that were inappropriately being charged to her and her mother's trust. Stuart is a marvelous person to work with and is a person that you will enjoy being with.