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Small Business Accounts Receivable

Small business owners across the country are reporting that accounts receivable collections is one of the most time consuming and frustrating challenges they're facing today. Everyone seems to be holding on to their money a little tighter and paying a lot slower. Perhaps this even describes you. Whether or not you're singing the bad economy blues there's no denying it's tough out there right now and it's work to get paid on time. Work that many small business owners just don't have time for.

My accounts receivable management solutions are simple and cost effective, but most importantly they work! There are no long term contracts, you use me when you need me.

  • Improve Cash Flow and Reduce Bad Debt Losses - Late payments hurt cash flow and hamper your ability to do business. The older your invoices become, the faster they deteriorate from "past due" to "bad debt".

  • Increase Office Productivity - Free yourself, your accounts receivable manager and your employees to do your most productive work and take care of your business, while I handle the collections personally.

  • Retain Customer Good Will - Eliminate conflicts and ill will caused by the use of inexperienced or overly aggressive employees as collectors. You will find that I am professional, experienced and courteous.

Contact me today so I can provide you with an affordable solution to this problem.