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Small Claims Judgments

One of the easiest ways to ensure that a debt is paid back to a company is for that company to pursue a judgment in court. But, while winning that judgment will be a relatively easy task, actually enforcing the judgment and collecting the debt can be quite challenging. Indeed, this time-consuming task is often well beyond the reach of companies who are already pressed for time when it comes to hiring new staff, providing services, and meeting customers' needs.

I understand that enforcing a judgment takes a lot of time and effort, and most businesses simply don't have the capacity to do this on their own. I step in and act as the business' representative, taking this burden off their shoulders and successfully enforcing any judgment that has been handed down by a court.

Businesses who don't pursue judgments vigorously and creatively can often find themselves without payment at all. Without proper enforcement, a judgment will only damage a consumer's credit report. They won't see any need to pay and, after the statute of limitations on the judgment has expired, they'll be free to go and the company will have experienced no benefit from the judgment.

I apply a common sense approach to produce results. Debtors who have a judgment lodged against them will not be able to forget about that judgment - or escape from its implications.

It is my top priority to turn the winning of a judgment into real results for my clients across the board.

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